Technical building management

A very important service is the TGM (Technical Building Management), because maintenance and modernization measures are part of the preservation of the value and the increase in the value of your property.

Failure to carry out maintenance measures can often become significantly more expensive the longer they are not remedied. As a result, the value of the property can decrease. Through regular property inspections and communication with the caretakers, we are very close to your property and recognize early work.

The regular repair of your property not only ensures the value of the property, but also the satisfaction of the tenants and the associated preservation of returns and an increase in returns.

The TGM is also used to optimise existing contracts with service providers and utilities in order to ensure the best possible supply of the property and the tenants. It is, of course, also part of our task to monitor the implementation of the Treaties.

Together with you, we develop a repair plan or budget planning for investments in the property. A distinction is made between value-preserving and value-enhancing investments.

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